Scrapbook Page for Earl Vernet HUGHES

Earl Hughes, circa 1886

Earliest known picture of Earl Hughes.

Earl Vernet Hughes

Earl & Ira Hughes in Awilda's Garden, circa 1903

Earl, Zetta, Ida, Alwilda, and Emma Hughes, Circa 1908

Grace & Earl Hughes, Elfinwild, Glenshaw, PA, July 7, 1929

Earl and Grace Hughes with dog, Prince, Woodland Road, Elfinwild, Glenshaw, PA

Earl Hughes & son, Clinton Hughes

Earl and Grace Hughes, Circa 1942

Earl & Grace Hughes Family, 1952

Back: Milton, Leona, John Werner, Doris, Arlene, Bonnie Earl, Roberta w/ Jeanne & Shirley, Ira w/ Bob, Marion, Grace, Armella Front: Bill (1 wk before leaving for Germany), Gladys, Clinton, David, Leslie

Earl & Grace McClain Hughes Family, 1958

Note portrait of Grace, deceased, and picture of Earl, also deceased, in this photo.

112 Woodland Road, Elfinwild, Glenshaw, PA, home of Earl & Grace Hughes

Jason & Earl Hughes